Enhance Your Self-Worth With The Practice of Yoga: Learn To Be Good to Yourself

Are you feeling anxious while walking outside? Self-doubt is the obvious thing seen commonly in almost everyone, especially, among Gen Z. Do I look impressive? Is my body shape proper?

Such a quest for self-appearance disturbed little joys of life. Skim through the blog and know the simple ways to improve your self-love and your confidence with yoga practice.
Practicing your worth in a judge free zone is an idea developed by yoga. We make numerous mistakes, forgiving them and letting go without hurting ourselves is the power hidden in yoga practice.


Embracing Self-Love

In simple words, Self-love is not harming yourself in any means (thoughts, words or deeds). No matter what, thinking good of yourself is easier said than done. However, the global pandemic of 2020 has compelled people to find ways to embrace self-love. During the Covid-19 lockdown, Pinterest- The top-rated social media has noted a huge search for self-love and self-healing. Activities involving self-healing, and self-care skyrocketed across the globe.

Mental strength is the basic root of physical well-being. And for maintaining mental health, self-love is a must. The practice of thinking about yourself was most of the time avoided or given less priority till the past few years. But in today’s tech-savvy era we can find reminders of self-love on phone. The common reason for self-love is to live a happy and healthier life. All of us are living in fast life surrounded by hectic schedules and social chaos. If you keep on moving in the circling of life without taking care of yourself you might end up with stress, anxiety, trauma or other mental or physical disorders.

Don’t fret. Yoga practice is an ancient concept of self-care, gaining a prominent identity across the globe. Yoga has become a fun-loving activity regardless of any age. Different styles of yoga benefit different parts of the mind and body. Yoga practice is for every body, there is no shame if anyone fails to complete the posture.

Learn to Control Your Monkey Mind

Here, the term ‘Monkey Mind’ refers to our restless mind, always craving for things that we don’t have. Living in present is the most common advice for everyone but do we really follow the same? Our mind finds interests in past or keeps worrying about the future, lastly, we end up in anxiety. Addictions to aimlessly scrolling social media are not new anymore. But you will be surprised to know that yoga practice can help you to ditch unnecessary things. And thereby save you from FOMO (fear of missing out), feeling inadequate or dissatisfied. Fortunately, various postures of yoga can help you to calm your mind and give time to realize what is good or bad for you. Remember controlling your mind is the first step towards personal development. Once you learn to control your mind you can smoothly balance your work life and personal life.

Level-Up Your Confidence With Yoga Practice

Social media may depict the flawless postures of yoga practitioners. No need to copy those postures, you can start with basic simple poses and level up your confidence, all you need is to learn about focusing and balancing. Giving keen attention to your breath and thoughts would ultimately boost your confidence.