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Our Story

In 2009, my fiancé JC launched a Surf and Yoga Retreat encompassing healthy food, lots of surfing and yoga and guests thrived in that environment. We noticed they were delving deeper and finding their authentic selves within the daily framework provided so we requested feedback. Collectively we learned their real desire was to reframe their habits to create a sustainable, healthy way of living for more than just one weekend. The four pillars to focus upon were mentality, emotionality, physicality, and spirituality not just for one weekend but for life. This was exciting news for us, and Del Alma was born. The foundation of our Costa Rican Wellness Retreats are holistically transforming. Success can be a two-way street and guests win by transforming their lives and unlocking their unique gifts and talents, and we win by creating templates for their success. Overall, nothing is as satisfying as identifying a need and filling it. From detox and weight loss to stress management, yoga & surf, and digital nomad retreats, we feel genuine passion for helping others discover (and maintain) their unique paths that propel them forward. In the end, everyone has what it takes to break old habits and morph into the healthiest versions of themselves. Sometimes all it takes is connecting with someone who values you and your trajectory for wellness and happiness as much as you do.


The Healing Environment

Nestled between the soothing Pacific Ocean, Marbella beach and pristine, verdant jungle rests Del Alma. The secluded, intimate Retreat is second to none in several ways. First, it’s soothing. Awaken to tropical birds singing and monkeys howling instead of your iWatch or blaring alarm clock. Tucked away from noisy city traffic, congestion and pollution, Del Alma is ensconced in the heart of the jungle with bright flowers, blue skies, exotic birds, and healing vibes that melt away cares of the world. Second, the organic and nutritious meals feed your body to enhance optimum health. The side-effect is your mind becomes clearer, too. Third is fitness. Yoga, Primal Exercise, HIIT and Meditation is customized for your daily routine. In addition, if you feel peaceful in the sea, surf lessons are available. If swimming or doing aqua-yoga inspires you, the pool(s) are stunning. Walking, jogging, and hiking trails surround Del Alma. Fifth, clean and spacious accommodations. Your best sleep can be found in your private casita as your thoughtful day ends. This is your haven, your reset. Effortlessly improve your mood while meditatively walking between pristine beaches through lush green hillsides and enjoying nature, cows, horses and wildlife on the local farms.

The Holistic Reset To Revive Method 

The foundation of our retreats is framed in 5 pillars of health that take into account the whole person's Mentality, Emotionality, Physicality and Spirituality.

Your body is a temple.

The food: Our “diet” philosophy is a mix of Pescetarian anti-inflammatory diet, Pegan and Primal. A lifestyle that promotes eating clean and healthy while helping you to be more mindful and intuitive of what you’re eating rather than surviving on canned and processed food.

Healthy and delicious nutrient-dense foods are key aspects of balanced minds and bodies.  Have you heard the phrase, “We are what we eat”?  We believe this is totally true. 80% of your body composition is determined by what you eat! Food influences our physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Lots of colorful vegetables, some select fruits (mostly seasonal fruits and berries), healthy fats (some nuts, avocados, olive oil), fresh fish, eggs, herbs, spices, reasonable amounts of starchy foods, small to moderate amounts of specific legumes, and grains are integrated in our daily meals, depending on the retreat you choose. On the other hand, we avoid processed foods, sugar, soft drinks, most dairy products, artificial sweeteners, vegetable oils, margarine and trans fats. Food that is free of hormones and pesticides will detox the body naturally, reduce inflammation, and improve your immune system.

80/20 Rule: You will learn how to apply the 80/20 rule that strives for 100% guideline compliance with maximum nutritional value of your diet, but also accepting the imperfections and limitations of your food choices. The goal is not feeling obsessed with perfection which increases stress levels but eating to maintain the healthiest lifestyle.

Spirituality: It’s very important to shine your inner light and this is the perfect place to connect with yourself and something greater–your Higher Self, God, Spirit, Soul, Nature. Any term that resonates and feels aligned for you that moves and expresses your spirit or inner energy is your spirituality.

Restore your body, mind and soul.

Here you will find time for yourself to heal, grow and bloom through adding new healthier habits such as swimming, walking, meditation, proper sleep, healthy diet, reading books, connecting with nature, beach walks, and exploring your surroundings are just some of the many practices to restore yourself.  

We will teach you different healthy habits to maintain good health, vibrant energy, and a robust immune system.

This pillar includes:
  1. Sleep: Making sure you get enough by incorporating different healthy habits.
  2. Proper workout rest: It’s important as it allows your body to repair tissues damaged from the mechanical stresses of exercise. You will see the benefits of your practices faster and improve overall health.
  3. Nature connection:

    Let nature inspire you on your path to a healthier life. Being in contact with nature releases stress, improves moods and is relaxing. Playing outdoors releases stress and anxiety by reducing cortisol levels in the brain.

  4. Vitamin D: Plays a big role since we have Vitamin D receptors in our entire body, including the central nervous system. These receptors control sleep cycles and aid in deep sleep so you awaken refreshed and renewed. 

Abundance, Positivity and Growth are all part of the mindset to develop a PERFECT plan to transform your life.

When you are embarking on a wellness adventure retreat and lifestyle reset, it is essential to have the right mindset as your body needs time to adjust to your new wellness journey.

You will only need to free your mind from past negativities and look forward to this new positive lifestyle. Trust the process, surrender and believe in your ability to thrive.

Over time you’ll turn bad behaviors into positive daily routines that bring you one step closer to your personal health and fitness goals.

Physical activity is just as crucial as healthy eating and improving your mental health.

Daily exercise and movement are essential for optimum fitness, balancing hormones, and ensuring quality sleep.

During this phase you will jump-start your routine by adding new habits that are primarily physical.

You will learn to practice movement whether at home or on the job. You will learn to exercise without overexerting your body.

Our retreats offer tailored combinations of strength training, mindful yoga, mobility modalities, endurance exercises, weight lifting, high-intensity interval training, surfing and hiking for total body transformations.

Take with you new and fun workout routines, yoga flows to do at home, meditations, breathing techniques and much more.

All of this together helps to balance your physical changes with mental ones allowing a deeper connection with yourself, finding the best composition of your body, and building your strength, flexibility and mobility for a healthy, vibrant and happier lifestyle.

This last pillar is a culmination of them all creating the strong foundation from which change will come.

Glow comes from within and radiates from the soul. Each of our retreats has been carefully created with the aim of achieving a healthier, happier, more fulfilling, vibrant, productive and lasting life. 

When you enroll in any of our wellness retreats, you will be guided through each pillar of our Holistic Reset To Revive Method, a wellness journey that leads to totally transforming your life and body from the inside out. 

They say “Happiness is an inside job.”

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