Lodge Accommodations

Nestled between the soothing Pacific Ocean, Marbella beach and pristine, verdant jungle rests Del Alma. The secluded, intimate Retreat is second to none in several ways. First, it’s soothing. Awaken to tropical birds singing and monkeys howling instead of your iWatch or blaring alarm clock. Tucked away from noisy city traffic, congestion and pollution, Del Alma is ensconced in the heart of the jungle with bright flowers, blue skies, exotic birds, and healing vibes that melt away cares of the world, is the perfect setting to calm the mind, return to nature and focus on your mental and physical health goals during your retreat program.

Lodge Accommodations in Costa Rica for your Wellness Retreat Program

Villa Encantada

“Villa Encantada” (Enchanted House) is a large bedroom with a king-size bed, a full bathroom with a large shower, a full kitchen with refrigerator, gas stove and oven, and a microwave, in case you need it :), but remember that our retreats are all inclusive and we will be cooking delicius and healthy meals for you!.

Villa Rana

Really nice” can’t best describe the Casa Rana – a full sized functional guest studio that’s a perfect getaway spot set against the backdrop of amazing sunsets and awe-inspiring jungle.

Villa Mono

Connection with nature, can’t best describe the Wellness Monkey Studio – a full sized functional studio that’s a perfect place to stay with a beautiful jungle view to de-stress and relax. Also be prepare to to wake up with the howler monkeys and birds sounds.

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