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Wellness Retreats in Costa Rica

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Weight Loss Retreat

Learn A holistic approach to healthy long-term weight loss. We help you to optimize your lifestyle and experience real transformation – so that you can live healthy and stay healthy. A total LIFESTYLE RESET IN PARADISE

Stress Management Retreat

High levels of stress are a well-known factor that can lower your immune system making you more prone to get sick. Disconnect from the world and reconnect to yourself.
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Yoga & Surf Retreat

Looking for your next surf and yoga adventure? We create a place where you can have fun, enjoy peace, relaxation and go back home totally renewed and full of vitality.
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Digital Nomad Retreat

Are you tired of working from home everyday? Need a change of scenery? Our Digital Nomad retreats might be PERFECT for you. Immerse yourself in the tropical vibes of pura vida on the beautiful beach of Marbella, in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Your adventure awaits Explore what our Digital Nomad Retreat has to offer and live a remote work dream live from paradise.



"Came home feeling like the best version of me!"

My friend booked our retreat; I agreed to accompany her without even knowing what I was getting into. I only knew that I could use some life-affirming experience to finish out 2021. Little did I know that I would return feeling like a million! I loved the yoga (as expected), and the surfing experience was one of the biggest surprises -- both challenging and fun! Playa Marbella is a beautiful beach with a unique personality. We learned to read waves and make friends with the ocean, so that even though I only stood up on the board for a second or two, I discovered the unique experience of catching and riding a wave. Our instructor, JC, was patient and ever-enthusiastic about our progress. Another treasured aspect was the extraordinary food! Catalina and Donia Jesse are wizards in the kitchen. Each guest was presented with a plate of beautiful entrees, truly made from the heart, that matched our health and happiness requirements for the week. Each dining experience was a gastronomical treat! The two other guests, along with my friend and I, would gather at the main table for meals; but we also retreated to our own casitas occasionally to just chill and have meals on our own. The choice was always ours, given the day's activities and what we felt. Our casita was delightful and private, overlooking the jungle where we saw birds and monkeys. Stocked with tea, fresh coconut water, snacks, and some lovely gifts upon arriving, we settled in easily. Wishing I was there now...
Yoga and Surf Retreat Costa Rica | Rediscover your inner self - Join now
Jen M

"Paradise Found: the Del Alma Wellness Retreat in Guanacaste"

Nestled in a pristine tropical forest in the Guanacaste region, surrounded by abundant wildlife and relaxing (and priceless) peace & quiet we thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of our stay at Del Alma. Our hosts Catalina and her husband JC are experts in their fields and went out of their way to ensure that our every need was anticipated and met. In the morning we took surf lessons with JC and our safety was his number one priority. He made sure we caught the perfect waves and we were able to get up on our boards and ride them by the second day, I highly recommend the surfing lessons. In the evenings we did yoga with Catalina and she tailored our practice to help us gain strength for our surf lessons. Each meal was lovingly homemade from scratch by the amazing chef Dona Jessie. She prepared fresh caught fish, lobster, octopus and locally sourced vegetables with delectable sauces and sides and we happily devoured every bite. From breakfast to lunch than dinner it was all delicious and our special dietary needs were accommodated. Our room was comfortable and stocked with lots of delicious treats like fresh fruit and we had a fantastic view of the forest from our private balcony. We also enjoyed horseback riding up in the mountains, yoga and HITT classes on the gorgeous black sand beach Marabella and watching the Howler Monkeys while relaxing in the pool.
Sandra S.

Oasis in Paradise

I came to the retreat for a detox and weight loss experience. Fortunately for me I was only one there as it is rainy season, so i felt very honnored and lucky. Catalina, was great and I felt that everything that happened was thought out carefully and genuinely for my needs. As an example I have very tight hip flexors , so sessions focused on this to great effect The week was an amazing journey of self discovery, through great and healthy food, exercise, yoga, self reflection, swimming it took a day or so to trust the process but very quickly i enjoyed all aspects and looked forward to each part
Laurence B.

Delicious food and very professional

The food is amazing, great internet, healthy exercise and peaceful yoga. This is a professionally run place with a deep care for my health.

Del Alma retreat was an unforgettable experience!

Everything at the retreat, from the staff to the food and all of the yoga/meditation/workout exercises were top notch and helped with my goals to relax and be stress-free. I would highly recommend a stay at Del Alma for anyone looking to unwind, relax and enjoy themselves!

I feel like myself again, and I have you to thank for that! I will never forget you Cata

"My review is coming 6 months after attending the retreat, and the best way to describe it is life changing! I did the 3 week detox retreat, and I've never felt better. I went into it not knowing what to expect, but Cata, JuanCa and Dona Jetty's hospitality, food, approach and big hearts helped heal my body and soul. The accommodations were fantastic - clean, fresh and comfortable. Every meal was absolutely delicious - always fresh, filling and never boring. They were patient with all of my questions and constantly gave me ideas on how to incorporate healthier decisions in my everyday life. Cata taught simple but really effective exercises that I still continue to do til this day, and her patience and guidance with yoga has helped me learn to listen to my body. Covid took a toll on me in many ways, but I have to say the retreat was the perfect reset. 6 months later, I've lost over 30 lbs, feel amazing physically and in a much better place mentally. This was truly the best thing I could have done for myself and would strongly recommend to anyone who is considering the retreat."

It’s difficult to describe how wonderful this place is because you really have to experience it to fully understand

It was my third time for a “heal and reset”yoga retreat . This time I came with my brother and we were both amazed with the beauty of the place, the kindness of Cata, JuanCa, Doña Jetty and who is there is so kind and Cata is an amazing host, yoga instructor and coach.Now, let's talk about the incredible food. I’ve never had such incredible food, every meal, 3 times! I used to believe that eating healthy never could be tasty or enjoyable, boy I could not be more wrong!. The chef JuanCa is amazing and they showed us how to prepare our favorite meals. We returned home yesterday with a few extra pounds less, feeling great from the inside out and I am so glad that I was able to spend enough time there to incorporate new habits into my life style and the most important thing feeling great physically, mentally and spiritually. I’m already trying to schedule a time so I can return to this little slice of heaven"
ericka walters
Ericka Walters

Had a wonderful and life altering experience!

Had a wonderful and life altering experience. The people, the space, the facility, the food etc were exceptional....it was so very conducive to a completely rejuvenating and restorative experience. I lost 16 pounds in 2 weeks and gain health, confidence and a sense of self-worth through the personal discovery journey. THANKS to all the wonderful people from the Wellness Costa Rica Retreat. We returned home yesterday with a few extra pounds less, feeling great from the inside out and I am so glad that I was able to spend enough time there to incorporate new habits into my life style and the most important thing feeling great physically, mentally and spiritually. I’m already trying to schedule a time so I can return to this little slice of heaven"
Richard Walters
Richard Walters

The combination of yoga and surfing is so healing and transformative!

I recently just finished a weeklong surf and yoga retreat in beautiful Guanacaste, Costa Rica. I’ve been to many different retreats around the world, and this is hands-down the best retreat I’ve done! The combination of yoga and surfing is so healing and transformative! I highly recommend it!”​

The retreat all in all was AMAZING.

Cati, her hisband and Yaco are sooo nice it was really impressive. I think it is one of the first times I get such great attention to details and finesse to their services. The habitation is impeccable, super clean and modern while still homey. The food was incredible and super healthy. The surf lessons with Yaco were top-notch. I jumped to another level just in a few classes and felt super secure. He also takes time to really analyse your technic and gives really good tricks. The yoga was very relaxing after a good surf session. All in all 5 stars and more!!! Also, be sure to expect surprises from Cati she is the sweetest!!
Yasmine Elamali

The food, was Michelin star quality!

The hosts were more than incredible and very accommodating, they always made sure to go above and beyond to make sure i was having a great time and happy. The food, was Michelin star quality, every meal was amazing and always somehow literally better than meal before. The whole experience from location, yoga, surfing, food, hosts and just everything was terrifically perfect and a much needed get away for the body, mind and soul. Thanks alot for this amazing trip!
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A. Nour

This retreat inspired lifestyle changes!

This experience far exceeded our expectations! My partner and I traveled together to participate in this amazing retreat and were blown away. It was equally as relaxing and it was energizing and active. We feel a lot more confident in our surf skills with training from Trey and Indy and went from beginner to intermediate level in three days. We had so much fun and felt very comfortable and safe the entire time. They were so motivating and genuinely kind! Catalina and JC are phenomenal chefs and hosts. They both radiate positivity! You just feel better being around them and it helps that they are so generous with their time and level of care put into each meal. The food was absolutely incredible. It was hard to believe that it was healthy at times because each dish was so well prepared! The best way for us to be sure that everything was truly organic was the way we felt: clean, light, energized, and level headed. Everyday we felt better and better, despite how hard we worked our bodies during the activities. Cecilia is pure magic! Her energy is so connected to the earth and she has a beautiful way of spreading this to those around her that makes you feel centered. She tailored each yoga session carefully to accommodate all levels of those participating and ended each session with thought provoking messages during shavasana. We each had two Thai massage sessions with Ceci which were out of this world and left you feeling as if you were floating!
Angela Joerin & Christopher

"Superb Yoga and Thai Massage w/ adaptable health program"

The cuisine and health program is customizable. pura vida is everywhere. The cuisine was adapted to my health considerations in a delicious and delightful way.

This retreat is the perfect combination!

I came down from San Francisco to do the surf and yoga retreat with my sister and I can definitely say this experience has changed my lifestyle in many ways and created wonderful memories. The staff is incredibly welcoming and they make you feel comfortable for the whole time. This retreat is the perfect combination of fun, challenging, and healthy activities and foods. From the surfing lessons to the healthy foods this retreat has improved my lifestyle for the better.
Melanie H.

There is nothing better than exploring new hobbies and new experiences.

My sister and I both did the surf and yoga retreat. There is nothing better than exploring new hobbies and new experiences. The service and people went the extra mile to make sure we both felt comfortable yet challenged. My expectations were exceeded, food was amazing, and the lessons were unforgettable. I am not really the healthy type but I can now say, I am able to eat both healthy and yummy at the same time. I recommend this type of retreat to anyone out there wanting to try new things and come to one with nature.
Kristine H.

I am soooooo happy!

I am soooooo happy, finally I get to 21 day of detox, to be sincere i thought it was going to be really difficult to achieve 21 days changing completely my spots and food habits. For my surprise was completely the opposite.
Pablo M.

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