What is a mantra?

Did you know that a Mantra is one of the best keys to unlocking the benefits of meditation, or just to bring peace to your mind.

Coming to its definition, it sounds mysterious, but it is just a syllable or phrase that you repeat during meditation. Nowadays, the mantra has become one of the renowned and main practices which everyone wants to follow.

By breaking the word mantra into two sections it is known that ‘’man’’ means mind and ‘’tra’’ means transport or vehicle. There is a need to understand in-depth the term mantra and how to enter into a state of deep meditation and concentration.

How to use a mantra?

After knowing the definition of a mantra, you are aware of how to use the mantra. All you need to do is:

  • Firstly, get yourself comfortable and pick a quiet place where no one distracts you and you would be able to focus more.
  • Secondly, breath deeply and focus just on your breath. When you continue to breathe, repeat a mantra. If your thoughts may wander, just kindly bring your attention back to your breath or your mantra.

You can chant a mantra for 108 times as the traditional way with mala or beads, or you can just repeat the mantra as many times you like during your yoga practice or when your mind start wondering, just bring your mantra back.

How mantra is a symbol of meditation and silence?

Mantra is the most favorite meditation technique that is repeated silently without losing your focus. The Mantra is performed calmly to concentrate the mind without distracting. When your mind does not lose its focus during mantra then output and quality are high, and it is just a vehicle that helps you to access a heightened level of awareness.

Awareness refers to the ability to pay full attention to daily life activities and make you cognizant of unworkable things to change or alter them. Everyone observes different experiences in one’s life. Someone may be happy and satisfied, while someone may be sad and depressed. If one develops a habit of performing mantras on daily basis, one will achieve a healthy and balanced lifestyle on good terms. Mantras not only give peace but also bring you back into a state of calmness and contentment, where one feels free from all chaos and troubles.

A Mantra in yoga provides attention:

A traditional yoga class initiates by firstly chanting a mantra, and then setting an intention for your class.

This gives a feeling of being strong and focused by building your connection with a state of mind that gives peace and serenity. That is why you can also repeat your mantra or your intention silent in your mind during the movement to keep your mind and body in focus.

What are the benefits of doing mantras?

 When you practice mantra meditation, you may observe a lot of benefits, such as:

  • Reduced stress
  • Increased self-awareness
  • A greater sense of calm and peace 
  • More positive outlook 
  • Increased self-compassion

A Mantra can be challenging or unpleasant, but people who practice it find great results and output.